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I don't do credit repair. However, I will give you all of the tools to DIY. Book a 1 on 1 session with me and work on fixing that shady FICO today! I am available most evenings and weekends. Get in touch by filling out the information below & indicate the best consult options that works for you.

Credit Health 101 $25

Basic overview of credit and why it's so important. Ideal for those w/no credit. General Q & A session - 30 minutes

Credit Check-Up $50-150

From a brief overview of one credit report, to an overhaul strategy for all 3. Includes, credit review, dispute letters (personalized available) and plan of attack strategy.

Bankruptcy Prep $40

What to expect, what they don't tell you and how to quickly rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. Non-legal advice.

Juan, MHA. Best Selling Author & Credit Health Consultant

Author & Credit Health Consultant: Juan, MHA has spent the last 10 years of his life extensively researching and helping other apply best practices to drastically improve their credit health. Not only that, he has fixed his own credit and wrote a bestseller to show others how he did it and is now available to help you fix your Shady FICO™ He has also written a quickbook for the upcoming generation to help get them ready for life, in a way that the current school system just won't. From the teens, college student to adults, everyone can benefit from my great new quickbook! Check out Shady FICO: The College Years for some great tips and education on Shady Credit Prevention & creating awareness on the impact of Good Credit Health.
From poor to excellent credit, I can help take you there!

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Amazing Reader Feedback

By far is the the best, most effective book I've read regarding credit that only took me 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to finish. You don't need a dull presentation, followed-up by a signed agreement to pay a "credit repair" or "credit restoration" company money that you don't have, but you're desperate to "fix" your credit. the advice given requires patience and dedication, which is free and can be done by yourself. I would love a follow-up book on the process of removing derogatory information from your credit. Next Venture: Juan's Credit Seminars. LOVED IT!!!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge